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Ali chitsaz
Born. in April 28th, 1979, Iran// 2001 B.A of Science Business Administration, Azad University, Tehran// He was greatly encouraged by his teachers at primary school to pursue his painting that they found to be exceptional.// As a child and later a teenager , he took drawing and painting courses at “ Kanoon Parvarsh “// for a number of years. He looks back at those years as care free and very constructive.// He attended courses of ‘ Master Aydin Aghdashlou “ for a number of Years.// He continued painting under supervision of “ Rokny Haerizadeh “ , attending his classes for two years . With Rokny Haerizadeh’s guidance and friendship , has been a deciding factor in progress// of his work.// In the meantime he also pursued academic education and received his B.A at Business Administration, Azad University, Tehran , in 2001.// 2007 Group Exhibition, Iran Heritage Foundation, London// 2007 Group Exhibition, Artspace Galleries, London// 2007 Group Exhibition, Tehran Gallery, Tehran University, Tehran// 2007 Group Exhibition, Isfahan Museum of Contemporary Art, Isfahan// 2006 Group Exhibition, Mane Honar e No, Tehran// 2006 Group Exhibition, Day Gallery, Tehran// 2006 Group Exhibition, Mah Art Gallery, Tehran// 2005 Group Exhibition, Mane Honar e No, Tehran// 2001 Group Exhibition, Italian School of Pietro Della Vale, Tehran//