Iranian Artists Page | Jinoos Taghizadeh
Jinoos Taghizadeh
Education 2000: BA, Sculpture, University of Tehran, College of Fine Arts, Tehran, Iran// 1997: Wood Carving, Handicraft Organization, Tehran, Iran// Solo Exhibitions 2009: Video and 3D illustration, "Rock, Paper, Scissors", Aaran Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran// 2006: Installation in Public Space, "Kunsthof Self-Portrait", Kunsthof, Zurich, Switzerland// 2006: Video Art and Photo Art, "Messages", Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran// 2004: Painting, Sculpture, Video Art, "Abu Reyhan Self-portraits", Aria Gallery, Tehran, Iran// 2004: 2 Performances, "Frough Farokhzad", Streets of Tehran, Iran// 2003: 8 Performances, Café Konj, Tehran, Iran// 2003: Performance, "Offering", Outside Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Esfahan, Iran// 2003: Sculpture, "poet+ic", Laleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran// 2000: Painting, Shive Gallery, Tehran, Iran// Group Exhibitions 2009: "What, How and for Whom", "Rock, Paper, Scissors" Series, Gallery Nova, Zagreb, Croatia// 2009: "Tehran Blues", video "Goodnight", Stad Museum , Karlsruhe, Germany // 2008: "Out of Place", Short film "The Wind Blows in Street", Galleri Box, Göteborg, Sweden// 2008: "Lion under the Rainbow", Texts & Performance, As Part of Art Athina 2008, Athens, Greece// 2008: "Transit passengers", Short film "The Wind Blows in Street", Winterthur Theater Festival, Swiss// 2008: "Tiny & Conceptual", Stamps Series, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran// 2007: "Image of the Year", Short film "Performance as Nazr", Iranian Artists' Forum, Tehran, Iran// 2007: "Caravan", Video, Galleria Shiraz, Venice, Italy// 2007: "All of My Mothers", Painting, Bahman Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran// 2007: "Silent Messages", Video, 17th International Congress of Aesthetics, Ankara, Turkey// 2007: "Rules of the Game", Photo, 2nd, Fanoos Photo's Slide Show. Tehran, Iran// 2007: "Limited Access", Video Art, "Limitless", Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran// 2006: "Cultura Subyugada", Video & Performance's Photos, Tucuman, Buenos Aires, Argentine// 2006: "Artists4Lebanon", Painting, Gusto Gallery, Sharq, Kuwait// 2006: "Eastern Expressway",Video, Evangelische Stadtakademie, Frankfurt, Germany// 2006: Sculpture, Iranian Artists' Forum, Tehran, Iran// 2006: Sculpture, Conaculta INBA Center, La Esmeralda, Mexico City, Mexico// 2006: Sculpture and Painting, Esfahan Museum of Contemporary Art, Esfahan, Iran// 2005: Sculpture, Iranian Artists' Forum, Tehran, Iran// 2005: "Portrait", Khak Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran// 2005: 4th Sculpture Biennial, Saba Gallery, Tehran, Iran// 2004: "Image of the Year", Iranian Artists' Forum, Tehran, Iran// 2004: 3rd New Art Exhibition, Student Club of Tehran University, Tehran, Iran// 2003: Slide, Installation, Performance, "For Bam", Tehran, Iran// 2002: 3rd Sculpture Biennial, Niavaran Cultural Complex, Tehran, Iran// 2000: 1st Conceptual Art Exhibition, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran// 1999: Pottery, Tehran, Iran// 1998: Painting, Japan// 1971: Born, Tehran, Iran//