Iranian Artists Page | Farnaz Jahanbin
Farnaz Jahanbin
Born in Tehran- Iran// Master of Graphic Art, graduated from Alzahra and central Azad University// Member of Institute for promotion and visual arts-Iran// Member of Association of Iranian Painters (AIP)// Certificate of Interior & Architectural design from Cavendish college/Britain/// 1998-Solo exhibition at Money Museum// 1999-Solo exhibition at Jamshidieh Gallery// 2000-Group exhibition at Iranian culture Institute in Holland and France// 2003-International Hotel Show exhibition in Dubai// Tehran International Fair exhibition from 2003 to 2009// Work as a wall designer in over 40 buildings in Tehran such as Saderat Bank , Tehran Municipality , etc // 2009-Group exhibition at Pardis Mellat Gallery// 2011-3rd International Fajr fine art festival , Saba Gallery // 2011-Solo exhibition at Ashiane naghshe mehr Gallery // 2011-Group exhibition at Sareban Gallery // 2011-19th International Quran Fine Art Exhibition ,Tehran/Mossala // Group exhibition at NYC ART ADVISORY-2012 –USA// 2012-4th Intrnational Fajr fine art festival, Saba Gallery // 2012-Solo exhibition at KHazineh Gallery in Kazan-Tatarestan (Russia)// 2012-International Calligraphy Biennale// 2012-Group exhibition at Middle East Art Gallery// 2012-Solo exhibition at Middle East Art Gallery // 2012-Selected calligraphy artwork by Pasargad Bank's Museum// 2012-20th International Quran Fine Art Exhibition // 2012-Besmellah International Festival , Niavaran complex// 2012-Selected award at Besmellah Internayional Festival// 2012-GHalam Festival ,Niavaran complex // 2012-Besmellah Exhibition at ECCO Gallery // 2013-Group Exhibition at Siin Gallery// 2013- Iranian Artist Forum,Art Feast 2,The second painting & calligraphy -painting annual exhibition // 2013-10th International Besmellah Festival ,Ecco // 2013-Charity Auction Hotel Homa //