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Photography Exhibition "Deserts of Iran" at Nikon Plaza Ginza, Tokyo.
An exhibition underway at Tokyo’s Nikon Plaza Ginza is showcasing photos of Iranian deserts by Iranian photographer Afshin Valinejad.
Actor Reza Kianian was appointed the social responsibility ambassador of Debenhams, the UK-based department store chain, during the opening ceremony of his photo exhibit at Tehran’s Art Center on Friday.
Twenty-five works by a number of Iranian photographers will be showcased in an exhibition, which will open at the Vernadsky State Geological Museum in Moscow on 31 January 2017 for a week.
Art Basel, the giant Swiss art fair, plans to showcase a final photography series from world-renowned Iranian auteur Abbas Kiarostami in an exhibition during its Hong Kong edition in spring.
An exhibition of selected works of the 2nd Rural Houses Photography Contest will be held on 19 January 2017 at Imam Ali Museum.
The Sanati Museum of Contemporary Art in Kerman is planning to showcase world-renowned Iranian art icon Abbas Kiarostami’s photo series “A Window to the Life”.
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Before Your Eyes
Exhibition of Portraits of Iranian Women after Unveiling / An exhibition of portraits of Iranian Women after removal of obligation of wearing chador under the reign of Pahlavi I, titled Before Your Eyes was held in May 2011 at No.6 Gallery in Tehran. The collection was compiled and reproduced by Parisa Mandan, photographer, researcher and teacher.....
Jacques de Morgan and the Photographs of his First Scientific Mission in Persia (1889-1891)
Iran, a Photographic Revolution
The 1960s were an important period in contemporary Iranian art. Tehran University’s Faculty of Fine Arts, established two decades earlier...