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Opening of the Intl. Congress of Jundi Shapur
The first edition of the International Congress of Jundi Shapur is running at the Jundi Shapur University of Technology in the city of Dezful, southwestern Khuzestan Province.
The 14th edition of the Image of the Year Celebration was inaugurated at the Iranian Artists Forum (IAF) with a tribute paid to the great filmmaker and photographer Abbas Kiarostami on Sunday 20 February 2017.
Celebrated Iranian auteur Abbas Kiarostami was honored posthumously with the Jean Renoir Award for International Screenwriting Achievement at the 2017 Writers Guild of America Awards on Sunday.
The call for the International Calicomix Cartoon Contest-Columbia 2017 is out.
The call and regulation for 30th Children and Young Adult Intl. Film Festival scheduled to be held July 2017 is out.
UIA HYP Cup 2017 International Student Competition in Architectural Design has published an open call for its sixth edition.
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The Off-Modern Mirror
The twentieth century began with futuristic utopias and dreams of unending development and ended with nostalgia and quests for restoration. The twenty-first century cannot seek refuge in either..........
Your new book, Ex Occidente Lux* was widely acclaimed abroad, especially in France. This response has apparently increased since the events of September 11th in New York. Yes. After the events of September 11th, my book came to appear as a relevant and timely commentary on our times.