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German Artist Performs “Light Concert” at Azadi Tower in Tehran


Date: October 3, 2015

A performance consisting of projections of light titled ‘Gate of Words’ by German artist Philipp Geist will take place at Tehran’s landmark Azadi Tower on October 3-5.

The installation artistically visualizes the topics of freedom, peace, space and time. In a free and poetical manner, the artist addresses these topics during the installation, which are relevant for Germany and Iran, and develops a light installation made of colored words and concepts in different languages.

Azadi Tower is the landmark of modern Tehran. Its architecture establishes a connection between the modern, Islamic architecture and the Sassanid style.

Geist develops a dialogue between the place, the visitors and his artistic work.

'I tried to illustrate words one by one to make the reader pay more attention to them. Sometimes, words are legible and sometimes not. Using this method, I make great attempts to make each and every reader have his/her own interpretation of the subject,' said the German artist.

During the performance Azadi Tower is to become a three-dimensional light sculpture that can be crossed by visitors. This passage has a strong symbolism: Gates are places for encounters of the new and the old, and where both the retrospective of the past and the view into a future of development and change is made possible.

Thailand, the UK, Egypt and Russia are among the countries where Geist has performed light installation.

Source: IRNA