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Farideh Lashai Art Exhibit at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art


Date: November 21, 2015

The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art is hosting an exhibition of works by late Iranian modernist painter Farideh Lashai. The exhibit opens on November 21, 2015 and will be on display through February 26, 2016.

The event will display a collection of works from different phases of Lashai’s artistic activities.

Born in 1944, Farideh Lashai was among the most successful Iranian artists, writers and translators, best known for her abstract paintings. 

She studied art at the Academy of Decorative Arts in Vienna, Austria, and held over 100 solo and group exhibitions in Iran and many other countries, such as Italy, Germany, the US, Switzerland, Britain and France.

Lashai particularly won fame for her lyrical abstract paintings and multimedia installations that combined video projections and canvas works.

Her works were mostly inspired by her personal experiences and modern Iranian art forms.

Lashai passed away after a long battle with cancer in the Iranian capital Tehran in 2013. She was 68 years old.

Source: Press TV