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Iranian Architect wins the International Design Awards (IDA)


Date: 18 July


Arezu Zarezou Zaredar won the 9th International Design Awards for her project Five Senses Museum in the student section of this competition.

Every few years, the International Design Awards (IDA) undergoes an identity makeover. As part of this process, they invited talented designers to use their creative genius in crafting a brand new concept for the IDA brand. The selected designer is given total control over the various design elements, and with each metamorphosis, the international design awards emerges with a fresh look and stronger identity.

Five Senses Museum designed by Arezou Zaredar under the supervision of Behzad Atabaki contains five main galleries. The Form of the Museum shows Four swirling waves that each wave represents one of the five senses (in order from the main access: Smell, Haptic, Taste and Audition) and shows the relation among them that join together at the vision sense gallery which has common feature with all of them. This Form swirls around the center like a waterspout and at the end of the circulation that the color of the waves become more pure, releases! Visitors test the consciousness of their senses, turn and finally reach to the first point but with more experience. As in a waterspout that the drops don`t represent the waterspout lonely, but the kind of "move" shows it, also in this form each of these waves can`t show the "reality" but to contact with each other they can represent the reality. The reality is more than you experience! 


Source: Tavoos & IDA website.