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Exhibition of selected works of the 2nd Rural Houses Photography Contest
Date: 18 January 2017

An exhibition of selected works of the 2nd Rural Houses Photography Contest will be held on 19 January 2017 at Imam Ali Museum.

The call for this competition was published with the aim of documentation of Iranian rural architecture and identification of climatic, economic, cultural social, natural calamities on rural texture and dwelling in two sections under the secretary of Mahnaz Shafiee.

5278 photographs by 1312 photographers were received with 122 of them finding their way to the present exhibition.

The special section of the exhibition will display 28 photographs by the veteran guest artists on the themes of competition.

The themes of single frame photographs include: old life in the new body, new life in the old body, the relationship between culture and rural architecture, subsistence-centered dwelling, the architecture of rural dwelling (interior and exterior), rural dwelling and natural calamities with physical texture compatible with the environment.

The exhibition will run at Imam Ali Museum until 11 February 2917.

The photography exhibition of rural houses is planned by the department of rural restoration and dwelling together with the research center of Rural dwellings. The exhibition is held by the art and cultural institute of "kargahe khyal' (imagination workshop). For more information you can contact 021-66465440.
Photo: Poster of the Selected Exhibition of the 2nd Rural Houses Photography Contest
Source; Tavoos