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Approval of the national document on Iranian-Islamic architecture & urban develo
Date: 28 January 2017

The Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution has approved a draft of the national document on the Iranian-Islamic architecture and urban development on Tuesday 26 January 2017.

The document, which contains policies regulating and governing urban planning particularly in metropolises, was approved by the council chaired by President Hassan Rouhani with representatives from the Ministry of Transport and Urban Development and the Supreme Council for Architecture and Urban Development in attendance.

Responsible bodies are required to report on their annual progress regarding the law to the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution; additionally the state TV and the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance have to strive to promote the Iranian-Islamic architecture among the public by the TV programs they make.

Implementing architectural features of Iranian and Islamic urban planning, promoting interaction between cultural centers, houses, schools and mosques, setting up research hubs and boosting technical and scientific knowledge in this field, reconsidering and reforming the educational system regarding architectural studies with regard to the Iranian-Islamic architecture, conservation and restoration of monuments and relics, management and improvement of cities’ physical environment, and raising public awareness about the significance of Iranian-Islamic architecture are some of the laws approved in the aforementioned document.

Source: Tehran Times