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When Arts break borders
Date: 5 February 2017

The first edition of the Fajr International Handicrafts and Traditional Arts Festival held from 30 January to 2 February  2017 displayed a world of art power showing how traditional arts break geographical borders.

The works displayed are unique. Artworks by artists-artisans like Mohammad Mehdi Babakhani the master of embossing with one of his works preserved in Virtual Intellectual Property Organization with its headquarters in Geneva.

Mohammad Mehdi Babakhani
Morteza Afzali, Afghani master in fretwork and steel gilding was another prestigious participants of this exhibition.

Morteza Afzali
Active in the art of batik Noorizadeh has used calligraphy on fabric in this style. He often works with designers in Turkey.

Hamid Kazemnia's gelims made another part of this exhibition. He has innovated various styles in this art, using solely natural dyes in his works.

Hamid Kazemnia
A master in the traditional gold work (embroidery) Seyyedeh Fatemeh Khademian has so far won three medals in this field, making even her own outfit out of embroidered handmade textiles.

Seyyedeh Fatemeh Khademian
Hidden Cyprus, a carpet woven by Arash Heydarian was selected at best work in the classical carpet design and production in 2009 at Domotex Expo in Hanover, Germany.

Arash Heydarian
Mir Mola Soraya whose works were appraised in New York last year produce gelim-carpets in different colored compositions.

Mir Mola Soraya
Afsaneh Modir Amani's traditional embroideries (naqdeh-douzi) displayed a handmade personally designed textile embroidered with gold powder.

Afsaneh Modir Amani
Azadeh Nabizaeh is one of the artists who has been working hard to revive textile industry in various regions of the country. By living in different part of Iran, she familiarizes herself with the local culture and rituals encouraging them to revive their textile industry. So far she has been successful in reviving mojbafi (handmade textiles made of sheep wool) in Kurdistan used for producing praying rugs and tablecloths and silk-weaving and sharbafi (hand-made textiles with animal hairs or silk threads) in Yazd. 150 traditional workshops have been revived by her efforts in the past.
Azadeh Nabizaeh 
170 artworks were exhibited at the first Fajr Handicrafts and Traditional Art Festival held in two sections, traditional and modern approach.

The festival was held from  from 30 January to 2 February  2017 at Iranian Artists Forum.
Tavoos: Photos are not necessarily among the works of artists displayed in the festival.
Source: Tavoos from ISNA