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The Drama 'Haam' on the Stage of City Theater
Date: 14 February 2017

Haam,’ a play that narrates the history of Tehran City Theater is underway at Sayeh Auditorium of the theater complex.

“Is Tehran City Theater haunted by jinn? Is the theater surrounded by creatures of folklore? The old building has become their stamping ground,” says the brochure introducing the play.

The theater which opened in 1972 is a performing arts complex.
Written and directed by playwright and theater director Abbas Abdollahzadeh, the play opened on February 12 and will run through March 14. The veteran filmmaker and director Pouran Derakhshandeh attended the opening as the special guest.

Haam has a huge cast, namely Soroush Taheri, Arezou Nabovat, Maneli Hosseinpour, Hossein Shfiee, Mir Nader Mazloumi, Hossein Pourkarimi, Rouzbeh Hesari, Shadi Amiri, Hedyeh Azadeh, Ahmad Davi, Afshin Ghiassi, Zohreh Bakhtiari, Mojgan Hosseinzadeh, Erfan Haq Rousta, Asal Ahmadnia, Yasaman Jafari, Azin Baqerian, Ladan Asgari, Azadeh Chehreqani, Hosna Qanbari, Parsa Qorbanpour and Ali Reza Mousavi.

Choreography is by Ali Oliaeenejad, costumes are designed by Meghedi Shamirian and makeup by Atefeh Abyazi and Hamid Qasemi. Ali Badavi and Ramin Shahinkar have composed the  music.

Tehran City Theater is located at the intersection of Valiasr and Enqelab avenues.

Source: Financial Tribune