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“House of the Sun” shines at Italy’s A’ Design competition

Date: 18 April 2017

Iranian architects Nima and Sina Keivani won a silver award for their joint design “House of the Sun” at the A’ Design Award and Competition in the Italian city of Milan, the organizers announced Saturday 15 April 2017.

The design, which has been implemented in a building in Kiev, was honored in the Interior Space and Exhibition Design category. Nima and Sina along with designers, architects, artists and design oriented companies from around the world will be honored during a special ceremony on 9 June 2017.


The two Iranian architects started their project in May 2015 in collaboration with the Studio Persian Primavera in Kiev, Ukraine and finished construction in June 2016.

The A’ Design Award and Competition, in describing “House of the Sun”, explained that “one of the most important design ideas is the set of stairs located in the living room.”


“It is a symbolic, yet philosophical element. This element is inspired from historic mehrabs and ziggurats, which are symbols of promotion and approaching closer to the sun. The sun is the symbol of light, and light is the symbol of knowledge and wisdom.”


Award-winning designs will be showcased in an exhibition, which will open at MOOD -- the Museum of Outstanding Design -- on 6 June 2017.

Source: Tehran Times