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Tehran exhibit to review works by land artist Ahmad Nadalian

Date: 10 may 2017

Works by land artist Ahmad Nadalian on the Persian Gulf islands of Qeshm and Hormoz will be reviewed in an exhibition titled “The Color of Island”, which will open at the Khaneh Mahmudieh Art Gallery in Tehran on Thursday 11 May 2017.

Four ladies from the two islands will be introducing the art, culture, traditional costume, food and handicrafts of the region to visitors during the exhibit..

It has been a decade since Nadalian has chosen to stay on Hormoz Island during the two seasons of autumn and winter. 


“The reason I chose the island is its original nature. The nature of the island is beautiful and mysterious. It enjoys a rich environment for a land artist and can be a good source of inspiration,” Nadalian has previously said.

“Training and teaching painting to the women of the island was the most artistic activity of my life, since it proves that art can play a major role in the cultural, economic and social development of the local societies. The women now have new handicrafts to offer and make a living with.”

Nadalian is famous for his land art creations in Iran and around the world. He has been living in nature for many years and searches for raw materials for his artistic creations and later displays them in natural settings.

The exhibit will be running until May 18 at the gallery located at No.7, Farvardin St., Mahmudieh neighborhood.

Source: Financial Tribune