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Sohrwardi & JondiShapour University awaiting registration on UNESCO list

Date: 13 May 2017

Iran has submitted two new cases to UNESCO for registration on the World Heritage lists this year, said the head of Iranian National Commission for UNESCO.

Sadollah Nassiri-Qeydari said one of the cases is a request for the inclusion of the name of Sheikh Shahabuddin Sohrawardi on the list of world renowned personalities.

Sohrewardi was a Persian philosopher and founder of the Iranian school of Illuminationism, an important school in Islamic philosophy and mysticism that drew upon Zoroastrian and Platonic ideas.

The other case is to register Ahwaz Jondishapur University on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Dating back some 1,750 years ago, Jondishapour was the intellectual center of the Sassanid Empire and the home of the Academy of Jondishapour, founded by Sassanid king Shapour I.

Home to a teaching hospital and a library as well as a center for higher education, it has been identified with extensive ruins to the south of Shahabad, a village 14km southeast of Dezful in the present-day province of Khuzestan, southwest Iran.

"Given the fact that the cases meet the required criteria at UNESCO General Conference in 2017, they are expected to be inscribed on the world heritage list.” 

He also noted that Jondishapour University in Ahwaz is far older than Bologna University in Italy or even University of Cambridge in England.

Thus far the names of 33 famous Iranian people and some 20 cultural heritage items, including historical buildings and cultural works as well as 10 intangible heritage items and nine written heritage cases, have been inscribed into the UNESCO list, the official elaborated.

Source: Iran Daily