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Iran's Mousavi receives Cyprus Best Short Film Award

Date: 13 May 2017

Iranian director Sajjad Mousavi managed to win the Best Short Film Award at the 4th International Motion Festival (IMF) in Cyprus.

Mousavi won the prize for his short film 'The Salt Man' in the university student section.

Films from the US, France and the Netherlands were also nominated for the prize of this section.

The 15-minute flick has grabbed numerous awards at international festivals in the UK, the US, Poland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Armenia and the UAE.

The film tells the story of Saeed Aram, a genius artist, who is left unsupported and is obliged to work in a salt mine with his six-year-old girl.

The story begins when he receives statuettes from various festivals, displaying his creativity.

Using a symbolic language, this artistic film tries to present new ideas to the audience, and make the audience contemplate. Family, children, daughter, genius, human rights, nature, and life, are the themes of this film, which is appropriate for all classes. The film was produced over two years, using the best cinematic equipment, and despite all limitations.

Over 1,000 animations from 48 countries were submitted to the festival of which 78 films were selected for screening in the festival.

The US, Germany, Cyprus, Spain and the UK also received awards in other sections of the festival.

The 4th IMF is underway from 11 to 14 May 2017.

It is organized by the Department of Arts of the European University Cyprus in Nicosia, Cyprus.

The IMF aims to open a forum for the presentation of the most contemporary and most creative works in the world of motion and thus to be established as the pioneering festival that promotes innovative and cutting-edge work.

The IMF is the platform for showcasing innovative motion art videos, spanning from motion graphics, to 2D and 3D animation, video art and shorts.

The IMF welcomes productions from all over the world and at the same time strongly encourages the participation of Cypriot productions.

Source: Iran Daily