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Iran to host 2017 ICOM-ASPAC Conference in autumn

Date: 17 May 2017

According to the agreement signed between the National Committee of Iranian Museums and the International Council of Museums, this term of ICOM-ASPAC Conference and General Assembly will be held in autumn in Tehran. 

Sponsored by the International Council of Museums, such meetings provide opportunities for the member states to recognize their roles in defining, promoting and implementing sustainable development practices.

According to the ICOM-Iran director Seyyed Ahmad Mohit-Tabatabaei, the purpose of holding the conference in Iran is to deepen cultural ties with other Asia-Pacific member states.

The five days long conference is accompanied with 7 museum workshops in which all Iranian museums whether state, private, object-oriented and historical palaces museums will participate. 

Many museums are contributing to the community with promotion of scientific studies and releasing scientific data and information of museum collection. Others play a role in attracting tourists for regional developments as well.

According to the agreement signed, Iran is to prepare the red list of its historical cultural objects before the upcoming conference for its approval. Henceforth, if an object from Jiroft, for example is displayed in a museum of Saudi Arabia, ICOM will oblige the museum to mention its real identity. In other words, reclamation can be put forward on the condition that the object in question is on the red list.

15 countries of the world have the red list and some countries like England do not need it. It is only countries like Iran, Egypt, China, Greek and some Latin American countries with ancient cultures and thus are export historical objects need the red list.

Source: Tavoos