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Armenian President awards Iranian musician Hossein Alizadeh

Date: 3 June 2017

Armenian President Sourish Sarkisian awarded Iranian musician Razmik Ohanian the Movses Khorenatsi Medal in recognition of many years of his artistic career and efforts to bring the Armenian and Iranian nations together.

The medal was named after the Armenian historian and philosopher who lived in Armenia during the 5th century AD.


Ohanian, conductor of Tehran Chore Orchestra received the medal in a ceremony attended by several Armenian officials in Yerevan.

Ohanian was selected for his influential services to the Iranian and Armenian history and culture, valuable professional record in the field of music, various performances, introducing the Iranian and Armenian cultures in the international scenes.

He has grabbed numerous badges in the Iranian and foreign festivals for his artistic career.

The Movses Khorenatsi Medal is the Republic of Armenia's highest cultural award. It is presented by the president to people who have significantly contributed to the advancement of Armenian culture.

Source: Iran Daily